two+2 | Object Internship Program

two+2 is a 3 month long work and study internship program for anyone interested in parametric design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), coding, machine learning, digital fabrication and architecture.


The participants of this program will spent 4 days a week at the Object office in Poznan, Poland (32 hours). Half of this time will be focused solely on education. This will be realized mainly (but not only) through free entrance to all the workshops, lectures and other events Object is involved in. The other half of the time will be spent on applying the newly developed skills in practice, by working on the current projects. The spectrum of those projects is anywhere between R&D, design, development, consultancy, event organization and education. Given that the two+2 program is aimed at master students (yet not limited to), the arrangement of the working hours is flexible and negotiable. The internship is paid.


Object is looking for people who are keen to learn and passionate about applying new technologies in architecture and design. There are no “minimal” requirements for the person who wants to apply, and the list of skills below is very informal (you don’t need to know everything) and should only serve as a reference. The key point of your application should be your portfolio.

  • Creativity, Brevity, Passion
  • Outstanding design skills
  • Interest in Geometry / Problem Solving / Optimization / Algorithms / Structure / Architecture / Computer Graphics / Digital Fabrication / Rapid Prototyping
  • Organization skills (Spreadsheet Hero)
  • Knowledge of any programming language (especially .NET ones and Python, JS, Arduino)
  • Rhino + Grasshopper / Revit + Dynamo / ArchiCAD
  • Processing
  • WebGL
  • Adobe ID, IL, PS, Premiere, AE
  • Microsoft Office
  • Visual Studio
  • Highly developed tolerance to “dad jokes”
  • Survival skills or superpowers (you never know when we will need those)


Apply by sending your portfolio to

Please limit the size of your portfolio to 10 mb.